Reef Encounter, liveaboard dive and snorkel tours allows you to stay overnight on the  Great Barrier Reef   – it is a wonderful opportunity not to be missed

Quite simply, there is no better way to experience the true majesty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef than with a Cairns liveaboard tour. Whether snorkelling, scuba diving or simply sightseeing, Cairns liveaboard trips take you to destinations that day tours just can’t reach.

Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Liveaboard tour, Reef Encounter options vary from one or two nights to a whole week. The benefits of sleeping on the Great Barrier Reef means that you experience the reef and its animals at different times of the day, with sunrise and sunset arguably having the most abundant marine life activity. And with such a broad array of tours on the market – from luxury yachts to comfortable floating hotels, tours designed as a snorkelers paradise or a scuba divers dream – there’s a Cairns liveaboard tour to suit your budget and expectations.

Marine Activity
Waking up to a morning  Great Barrier Reef scuba dive or snorkel is an experience most people never forget. It’s the one time of day when the night creatures of the reef – the sharks, lobsters and octopus – are still winding down from the activity of the night and the exotic, colourful day fish and turtles thrive in the bustle to wake up and find their morning feed.

Night time on the Coral Sea is also a magical time. Sharks and rays can often be spotted in the lights from the boat and for those brave enough to venture into the deep, night scuba diving is an exhilarating and awe inspiring adventure, boasting nocturnal reef animals that are never seen during daylight hours.

Australia’s  NUMBER ONE RATED Great Barrier Reef  liveaboard tour & our editors pick: ‘Reef Encounter’

Reef Encounter is winner of Tropical North Queensland Tourism Awards in
the category for ‘Adventure Tourism’ and is’s

Reef Encounter is an outstanding  Great Barrier Reef liveaboard scuba dive & snorkel tour offering daily departures from Cairns Marlin Marina to the pristine northern Outer Great Barrier Reef destinations. As transfers to Reef Encounter are provided by a sister ship, guests have the option to stay as long as they like and can select arrival and departure dates.

All ocean-view, en-suite cabins are available in double or twin share and accommodation is fully air-conditioned for comfort in the tropical Australian climate. Excellent meals are prepared daily by the chef, with a spacious dining area, lounge bar and tv/games area onboard. Outdoors boasts a large upper sundeck, a fresh water hot-tub and a state of the art scuba dive facility.

As well as being unbeaten for levels of shipboard comfort, Reef Encounter is more notably acclaimed for the array of activities on offer. Catering to a range of people from snorkelers to experienced scuba divers, the Reef Encounter crew ensure you get the most out of your Great Barrier Reef holiday.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours and Snorkelling Activities
Glass bottom boat tours and free guided snorkel tours are available at scheduled times during the day with unlimited snorkelling available throughout.

Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef
For novice and learner scuba divers, shallow coral lagoons within easy access of the boat are home to schools of colourful tropical fish and marine mammals to find and explore. ‘Try-scuba diving’ is available for those with no prior scuba diving experience, whilst Scuba Dive Courses are ran on-board for those wishing to take the plunge and get qualified.

Experienced scuba divers are often taken by tender boats to more remote dive locations, home to breathtaking drop-offs, underwater swim throughs and an aquatic photographer’s paradise.

Guided scuba dives are available for every dive if requested, at a small cost. Night Diving is available for all levels of scuba divers.

Reef Encounter “Top Deck Club” Tours

Reef Encounter’s “Top Deck Club” Tours offer guests the opportunity to spend their reef trip in First Class. For a touch of luxury during your reef stay, the Top Deck Club includes a crew valet for the duration of your trip – someone to take you on personal scuba dive or snorkel tours, serve meals under the stars and ensure your reef trip exceeds every expectation. For all the inclusions of a reef trip with the Top Deck Club


Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Liveaboard Tour  Reef Encounter is a family friendly and disability friendly tour

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