Great Barrier Reef and Green Island tour packages.

Great Barrier Reef and Green Island Adventure is perfect for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Explore the outer reef and a tropical island all in a day!

First, you will jump aboard our modern, fast catamaran for the 45-minute Ferry Ride from Cairns to the idyllic Green Island.

Great Barrier Reef and Green Island Adventure
Visit the amazing Green Island, which sits on a large Coral Cay.

Green Island (Dabuukji)

Once you arrive at the island, spend a little time exploring this beautiful 6000-year-old coral cay and its heritage. Since the island is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, you will find yourself surrounded by protected landscapes. Boasting white sandy beaches and lush, tropical rainforest, you will certainly be in paradise!

You will have 2 hours to wander around the island, with plenty of activities on offer. Join a self-guided island walk, and learn about the Flora and Fauna you may find.

Snorkel straight off the beach in any direction. Not only can you snorkel in shallow waters off the beach, but you can also venture further out and find some deeper waters.

Among the coral, wherever you snorkel, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Green Sea Turtles. They love to eat the seagrass, which can be found growing in the waters around the island.

If you are a non-swimmer or wanting to take a break from swimming, why not join one of the Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

This guided tour will take you further offshore to see the Coral and Marinelife found in areas out of reach of snorkelling.

After finishing your activities, why not grab an ice-cold drink, relax on the sand and soak up the tropical island vibes before heading onto the next stop at the Outer Barrier Reef.

Sooner or later, it will be time to re-join the fast catamaran for another 45-50 minute journey out to the Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon.

The Outer Great Barrier Reef

Secondly, your next stop on the trip will be to the activity platform, a permanently positioned pontoon at the Outer Barrier Reef. By all means, everyone should come and visit Australia’s Outer Great Barrier Reef. To put it another way, this is definitely one activity you should tick off the bucket list!

Not only does the Great Barrier Reef hold the world’s biggest collection of coral reefs, but it also has over 1,500 species of fish and 400 types of coralAll that amazing marine life is just waiting to be discovered.

This extensive ecosystem was recorded as a World Heritage-listed site in 1981. There are around 2,500 individual reefs along with 900 islands. There are also thousands of species of tropical fish that provide countless brilliant colours.

The Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon
Join the Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon for more Snorkeling opportunities

Pontoon Activity Platform

Scuba dive and snorkel amidst spectacular coral gardens, home to incredible marine life and bright tropical fish. However, if you don’t want to get wet, you can still get the most out of the Great Barrier Reef.

Observe the reef and marine life from the comfort of our spacious semi-submersible submarine. Meanwhile, you can head below to the underwater observatory. Let our reef naturalist explain all the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef to you.

In conclusion, the friendly and experienced crew can’t wait to welcome you aboard and share with you the wonders of this extraordinary part of the world.

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What is better, snorkelling on the outer barrier reef or Green Island?  The outer barrier reef will always win for better visibility and more marine life.  This tour will give you the best of both worlds.




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