Agincourt Reef (Latitude -16°2’9.4″, Longitute 145°50’16”) is 72 kilometres north-east of Port Douglas, is a series of many smaller reefs with at least 16 different dive sites. This makes it a dive destination of exceptional beauty and diversity.

One of the main draws of Agincourt Reef is its channels, which offer interesting swim-throughs and caves. These channels provide a unique diving experience and allow divers to explore the reef in a different way. The Gardens are another popular dive site on Agincourt Reef. They are renowned for their exceptional abundance of brightly coloured reef fish, making it a photographer’s paradise.

For more experienced divers, Blue Wonder is a breath-taking wall dive that descends to beyond 40 metres. This dive site is known for its vibrant coral, large schools of fish, and an abundance of marine life. Another popular dive site, Nursery Bommie, is a spectacular pinnacle where pelagic fish gather to feed.

One of the most striking features of Agincourt Reef is its clear and turquoise waters. This allows for excellent visibility, making it a prime spot for observing the vibrant coral and marine life that call this reef home. Agincourt Reef is also known for its abundance of hard coral species, which provide a structure for a diverse array of marine life to thrive.

Dive Sites

Depth Range: 10-24 metres
Visibility: 10-30 metres

  • Nursery Bommie
  • Turtle Bay
  • The Three Sisters
  • Barracuda Bommie
  • Triggerfish City
  • The Gardens
  • Harrys Bommie
  • The Wreck
  • Castle Rock
  • Blue Wonder

Marine Life

  • clownfish
  • butterfly fish
  • parrot fish
  • angel fish
  • nudibranchs

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