Milln Reef (Latitude 16°46’1.7″, Longitude 146°16’23”) is 56 kilometres east of Cairns. Milln Reef has some of the best wall dives, pinnacles, swim-throughs and an excellent location for night diving. Milln Reef is known for its clear waters and excellent coral growth, making for vibrant fish life and stunning visibility.

Milln Reef is close to Thetford Reef and situated on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. This popular destination is a favourite among day boat tours for its diverse marine life, proximity to shore and the shallow depths, making it a perfect spot for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The shallow depths of the reef make it the perfect spot for snorkelling and observing the diverse marine life up close. Photographers will love the opportunity to capture close-up shots of the coral bommies, swim-throughs, and coral walls.

Dive Sites

  • Three Sisters
  • Whale
  • Petaj Mooring
  • Swimming Pools I & II
  • Three Sisters

Marine Life

  • parrotfish in mucus sacks,
  • turtles,
  • barracudas,
  • and the occasional bull ray

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