Jorgensen Patch or “Jeorgies” (-16.5718743,145.9319501) is northeast of Cairns. Jorgensen Patch is a small unprotected reef site that is only visited when the weather is excellent due to its strong currents and depth.

Scuba divers enjoy the popular walls, gullies, small caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs. A very cool swim through requires scuba divers to take their tank off to get through it.

The reef offers a diverse array of marine life, including giant clams, sea cucumbers, and bluespotted lagoon rays on the sandy bottoms, as well as an abundance of soft corals. Divers can also spot whitetip sharks, schools of damsels, and fusiliers swimming in the plankton-rich waters.

The reef has an abundance of brightly coloured coral.


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