Experience the wonders of scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef at night!

As all the day creatures go to bed, the face of the reef comes alive with those of the night.

Swim amongst schools of giant trevally as they use your torchlight to hunt for their prey.

See patches of coral transformed into a glitter ball as the eyes of shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans crawl over the reef, look under overhangs to find huge painted tropical crayfish …and of course, see the sharks at their most active!

Experience the thrill of night scuba diving with sharks

Reef Encounter by night

Night Scuba Diving With Reef Encounter

Looking for thrill and excitement? Let our experienced and professional crew take you safely under water and show you the wondrous transformations that happen as day becomes night on the Great Barrier Reef.

Use your torchlight to find hiding octopus, watch free swimming moray eels and maybe even marvel at the beauty of a sleeping turtle!

Night Resort Scuba Diving

Whether you’ve got a few dives under your belt or you have never tried to scuba before, Reef Encounter is one of the only operators that offer Snorkelers and Resort Divers the option to complete a Night Resort Dive!

In small group numbers of two passengers to one Dive Instructor, you will be taken on a personal underwater tour in the dark!

Reef Encounter by night