The weather of the Great Barrier Reef changes seasonally and it is usually the case that the weather on land is quite different to out at sea. Don’t be deterred by the weather forecast for local towns and cities when booking a reeftrip, rather ask your local tour booking agent or call our friendly office, on +61 7 4051 5777, for accurate information on the conditions over the reef.

Weather Climate

Summer (Dec-Feb) Autumn (Mar-May) Winter (Jun-Aug) Spring (Sep-Nov)
Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see Minke Whales & Humpback Whales Humpback Whales & Coral Spawning (Nov)
Visibility – Excellent Visibility – Good Visibility – Good Visibility – Excellent
Water temperature29°C (85°F) Water temperature25-27°C (80°F) Water temperature22-24°C (70°F) Water temperature25-27°C (80°F)
Generally calm sea conditions Calm to moderate sea conditions Moderate sea conditions Generally calm sea conditions
Moderate to high rain generally at night Potential moderate rain Low rainfall Low rain fall


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