Please note that this is only a sample Medical Declaration Form for participation in scuba activities. Tour operators may use different forms and policies for participation in snorkeling/scuba diving activities. (This website acts as an agent only and holds no responsibility for individual tours).  All tour operators in Queensland require by law anyone participating in any SCUBA activities to complete a medical declaration form.

All questions must be answered honestly, as the forms you complete are legal documents. Your safety is of primary concern. For snorkelers, the information provided simply helps Operators to advise accordingly regarding snorkel safety. For scuba divers, some medical conditions and/or medications and/or health issues (both past and present) may prevent a person from participating in scuba diving activities. All potential scuba divers must read the ‘Scuba Diving Important Information page‘ to see if this may apply to them. If you are unsure of a medical or health condition or a medication, please contact us

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