Norman Reef (Latitude -16°25’40″, Longitude 145°59’48″) 70 kilometers east of Cairns, along the continental shelf at the Great Barrier Reef’s furthest edge. One of the most popular snorkeling and diving spots near Cairns is without a doubt Norman Reef.

One of the highlights of diving at Norman Reef is the opportunity to explore the many caves and swim-through areas that are found here. These provide a unique and exciting way to experience the reef. The reef’s depth also means that it’s home to a range of larger marine life, such as barracudas, trevally, and even the odd reef shark.

Norman Reef also has cliffs, and shallow coral gardens. One of the dive locations at Norman Reef even has a little wreck. The waters near Norman Reef are renowned for being incredibly pure and having remarkable visibility—often up to 30 meters! (100 feet).

Dive sites

Depth Range: 5-20 metres
Visibility: 30 metres

  • Troppos
  • Playground

Marine Life

  • nudibranchs
  • reef sharks
  • bronze whalers
  • giant Maori wrasse
  • groupers
  • Rabbitfish

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