Breaking Patches (Latitude 16°34’51″, Longitude 145°58’52″) 42km Northeast of Cairns, is a shallow patch of reef just west of Michaelmas Cay.

This beautiful coral garden sits in less than 14m of water. It is therefore a great location for duck diving. The shallow nature of the Breaking Patches means it is the perfect habitat for soft corals. You will see plenty of these fleshy corals swaying with the motion of the ocean as you snorkel.  Be on the lookout for spaghetti coral, elephant ear coral and leather mushroom corals.

There are plenty of hard corals at Breaking Patches as well. One of the most common corals you will see is the giant boulder coral. These corals are a favourite of some of them spot Christmas tree worms. A favourite amongst underwater photographers, these little invertebrates have Christmas tree-shaped arms that they use to catch food passing by in the water column.

Marine Life

  • Butterflyfish
  • Parrotfish
  • Blue-spot lagoon ray
  • White-tip reef sharks
  • Sea cucumbers
  • Hydroids
  • Angelfish


  • Spaghetti coral
  • Elephant ear coral
  • Boulder coral
  • Christmas tree worms

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