Norman Reef outstanding Scuba Dive location on the Outer Great Barrier Reef

Norman Reef - reeftrip

Norman Reef is located 70 kilometres off the east coast of Australia on the very outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef along the continental shelf. Our furthest North Outer Barrier Reef location, Norman Reef is easily one of the most prized snorkelling and diving destinations out of Cairns.

The snorkelling and diving around Norman is known for its crystal clear waters with incredible visibility often up to 30 metres! (100 feet).



Snorkelling at Norman Reef is among the best in the world. Each of our sites at Norman Reef situates you perfectly for shallow observation from the moment you hop off the boat. In the shallow sandy patches of Norman Reef live garden moray eels. It’s easy to understand why these beautiful creatures choose to live in the midst of stag horn thickets with rich coral cover.

Norman Reef is also the territory of Barney, the very friendly Napoleon Maori Wrasse. Barney is our resident attention seeker and will happily swim around snorkelers and introduce them to his coral home.

Quite simply, Norman is the reef that has it all!


Scuba divers can explore underwater canyons bursting full of schooling fish such as oriental sweetlips, swim throughs where the light penetrates ideally for silhouette photographs and caves where you’ll discover natures awe inspiring architecture and day dwelling night animals.

Advanced scuba divers will enjoy depths of up to 30 metres (100 feet).

Reef Sites

There are many sites that we visit along Norman Reef and each has a variety of attractions on offer. These include; Ski Slopes Mooring – (a shallow ‘horse shoe shaped’ sandy bay walled by coral which slopes gradually down to over 30 meters), Caves Mooring, Fingers Mooring (where walls of reef jut out like the fingers on a human hand, with shallow reef and colourful soft corals at the base and deeper drop offs along the tips), Playground Mooring and the Wild Side Mooring.

Night Dives Much of the best night diving on the reef happens at Norman Reef. Divers encounter lively lobsters, schools of giant trevally and grey whaler sharks at night.

For those not jumping in the water at night, spectate from the side of the boat and view white tip reef sharks and red bass circling below.

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